Ben Casselman reports from Galveston, Texas.

Some flee a hurricane. Some hunker down. Some dress up as bears and dance along the shore. Well, one does, anyway.

Jacob Calle drove into Galveston from Houston to don a brown bear suit—-complete with pink bow tie—-and moonwalk in front of the massive waves crashing over the sea wall.

Mr. Calle, 27, is a filmmaker, and he arrived in Galveston with his own cameraman. But he quickly had plenty of other cameras trained on him, by both curious onlookers and members of the news media. Mr. Calle is apparently an experienced funny-suit wearer. He claims to have been a Chuck E. Cheese mouse at one of the chain’s restaurants earlier in his career.

So what’s the secret?

“If you’re feeling pretty dumb, you’re probably doing the right thing,” Mr. Calle said.

Hurricane Bear should be in the awesome squad.