Observations By Myself

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
  • This is just a list of sentences for some reason.
  • It’s because I have many observations.
  • What if the universe is in a petri dish?
  • If the world were in reverse, cows would be barbequing (uh-huh) humans.
  • I like apple pie a la mode.
  • I was never any good at playing Asteroids for some reason.
  • End of the world scenarios:
  1. Nuclear holocaust
  2. Asteroids
  3. Gamma Ray Burst
  4. Mr. T stepping on Chuck Norris’ toes accidentally. And at that time they’re on bad terms and 40 feet tall. And have beards made of fire.
  5. Zombie apocalypse (the most fun-sounding)

But no matter what the apocalypse, I think it’d be fun to have a post-apocalyptic blog. If I haven’t been incinerated, zombified or engulfed in flaming beard. That blog stuff would be there forever, you know? Imagine when the human race has ended, a new species arises. An operational computer would be a great discovery. That is, if they learned the language somehow, of course (Google Translate?). And now, I’m imagining what they would think of this blog…

“This Chuck Norris… This Mr. T… They must have been deities. They must be eternal and all-powerful. WE MUST WORSHIP THEM.”

They would be right, obviously. I can see it now. A religious war, on one end the T-ists, on the other the Chuck-lims.

That’d be awesome.


By the way, pictures are linked to their sources.

Up next: music


One Ring To Rule Them All?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

But where is it?


Hint: It’s around his neck.

Hint: Secret Comment Page Hint

The Most Awesome Blog In The Universe

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New! The Awesome Squad now has a group posting blog with at least 5 posters. I suggest that all Awesome Squad members, and those not in the squad post this link in their blogrolls:

The Awesome Squad

It’s not perfect yet, but it is awesome. Go now or be pitied, roundhouse kicked, and pitied some more. Membership is open, as always.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I don’t need to announce that Mr. T was in the Awesome Squad… Mr. T is the Awesome Squad, and he wants people to register to join the awesome squad. Included is knowing that you just joined the most awesome squad ever.

Included is a super awesome point system.

Mixed Blessings

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good: You get an awesome Mr. T cookie jar.

Bad: Every one will be too afraid to get the cookies out of the jar. That, and the jar won’t let you.


I am now the only person on WordPress using the tag:

Is It Normal For A Cookie Jar To Jump Off The Shelf And Start Driving A Large Black Van To Stop A Horrible Atrocity From Happening?


Mr. T: “Meet Mah Friend PAIN”

Monday, July 21, 2008

[via you know where.]

From My Laboratory In The Castle East

Monday, June 30, 2008

Monsterday 6! Now with 4 monsters! That’s right, I’ve added another monster in!

Name: Dinosaurus Bunnicus Triangulus; the Dinorabbit Trianguloid (Egyptian Variety)

Attitude: Although usually angry monsters, they appear very peaceful because, well, they drink. Miller Light.

Example of Speech: TASTE GREAT!!! LESS FILLING!!!”

Traits: It’s arms show that is an Egyptian because this particular species walks like one. No one’s sure about why it has rabbit ears, but it is speculated that they are for looking funny. This monster tries not to overeat, but regardless, it goes straight to their thighs, as shown by the photo (Hint: The only dinosaur part is the tail.).

Name: Sluggus Jawluss; the Jawless Walking Slug

Attitude: I like the way this monster thinks. He is a huge Mr. T fan. Because it’s mouth is always open, it usually shouts.

Example of Speech: “MR.T is amazing me and my friend Hugh think he is so cool. we even both bought MR.T hanheld soundboards! MR.T ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Traits: Knowing that this monster is a slug, you know what is a fun thing to do? Salt it. Unfortunately, it is more resistant and will die a slower death than a normal slug, which means salting=your head bitten off.

Name: Antennus Literus Crabbicus; the Literate Antenna Crab

Attitude: This particular species can read, write, and speak very well. This monster is credited as one of the smartest in existence, even without being a member of the Intellectus species.

Example of Speech: “I was actually in the recent book regarding 6 word memoirs. I was felt really pleased and lucky. I got a promo copy of the book and discovered that I was in some really swank company, too. All in all, the 6 word memoir is a really cool concept. )

Traits: How does this monster become so smart? The antenna on it’s head allows it to tune into any frequency of radio waves and learn. It also enjoys Rush Limbaugh.

Name: Vibrantus Blockus Crabbicus; the Vibrant Block Crab

Attitude: These monsters typically try to be right and correct others, as shown by a part of a discussion about a suspicious reaching hand.

Example of Speech: “no he’s reaching for assassaindolphin’s hand 2 shake it”

Traits: These monsters are usually very elusive because of over-hunting. They are hunted in forests because of their bright colors, so they usually hide in the sewers, and even though my blog is a complex series of sewers, you won’t see this monster much if you see it at all. You may think that the pink on top of its head is a brain, but, in fact, is a beehive hair do made of cotton candy.