Whatever Happened To My Transylvania Twist?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monsterday 12! (Insert wittiness here)

Name: Feminus Orbus Tryeyes; Lipstick-Wearing, Three-Eyed Orb

Height/Weight: 4’11/299 lbs.


Can’t really say much about it. Seems to be obtrusive.


Traits: Runs into places and screams. Without robotic legs, it will bounce.

Name: Standardus Pacghosticcus; Standard Pac-Man Ghost Monster

Height/Weight: Several Pixels/Weightless

Attitude: This is the lesser known of the 5 pacman ghosts. It was dropped when it was discovered that all it did was sit offscreen and endorse Christian dating sites.

Comment: “hi people. I whole heartedly love the template of finickypenguin.wordpress.com. Looks good, keep it up! anyways.. Im a very “devoted” christian and I guess I have a few questions on my mind.. I’ve been thinking a lot about dating.. but im not sure where to go with that. My brothers have been telling me christian dating is the way to go.. so I’ve done a little research on *bleep* and found some stuff on *bleep*
Would be awesome to listen to your input.”

Traits: Occasionally it feels blue.

I’m bored.