I Hate Sudoku

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I have no idea why. I must not have the thought processes to do it or something. I can’t even correctly do those ones with the four boxes of four numbers.

Sure, I can get a 5 here and an 8 there, but I can never solve a whole puzzle. Once, I thought I did, but I think I put a two in the same row or something.

Well, I solved it, but see that 3rd row? I started to write 3 TWICE before I realized it was 4.

Well, I solved it, but see that 3rd row? I started to write 3 TWICE before I realized it was 4.

Maybe it’s because I attempt to do them in pen.

Everything Ever

Monday, September 22, 2008

Yay! It’s blogiversary time! After 1 year, there’s 334,378 hits (upon publish), 406 posts, 10 pages (counting the main page and the secret comment page), almost 2,400 comments, and a sidebar with 20 widgets on it.


First off, we have the top 3 posts ever on this blog. Coming in 3rd with more than 18, 700 single visits is “Rocket Gopher.”

Second with over 24,300 visits is “Murdock… I’m comin’ to get you,” which was, in fact, not supposed to have the awesome picture of Chuck Norris, but a less awesome picture of Rambo holding a fish.

First, with more than 28,000 visits is a terribly unfunny lolcat picture which I will not link to or show.

Next up, search engine terms.

In fifth…wow, with nearly 13,000 hits.

Fourth: “funny pictures,” with over 17,000 views.

Third: “funny,” with more than 18,000 visits.

Unfortunately, “funny cats” is second with almost 21,000 idiots.

Finally, making up for the second place term, “chuck norris” is in the lead with over 35,000 awesome people.

Chronicling of The Awesome Train

As I hope you know, the awesome train does not stop and has no destination. Starting with my first visit to Say No To Crack, I happened upon a picture of a giant rubber duck posted by a certain Bunk Strutts. I enjoyed that post, and when I saw the post on SNTC mentioning Tacky Raccoons, I started visiting there, and it was good. Then I noticed the WordPress link. I thought that it’d be pretty cool to start my own humor blog, so I said to myself, “It’d be pretty cool to start my own humor blog!” So I did.

For a while it was just me, then I added AssDolph, removed him, added pcakes, added the Dolphinator again, then my posts began to wane, and I got fed up with criticism, so I removed them both. Then it was just me for a while, but I went on vacation, so I added Bunk as the managing editor when I was away. I came back, kept Bunk and added Agent DoubleAss-D again.

Then I started the awesome squad, got 7 other members, and started the awesome squad blog, which is where you should go if you want to join. 7 of us post on it, and it is also awesome.

Somewhere around the middle of that story, I joined the numero uno site on the internet, humor-blogs, which will always be twenty times better than sliced bread. Happy, diesel?


No Purpose Served

No Purpose Served

The password is quiche.

Fetid Cheese

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A duck floats by near me
I stand in a shallow pool
My life seems boring

Just another great post by Panascakes

Ubiquitous Doom

Monday, February 18, 2008

All you need is love
Respect life; respect others
We should all be friends

Happy President’s Day!

How do you feel about Kosovo’s secession from Serbia? Are you “For” or “Against”?

This was an AWESOME post by panascakes

Rending Wounds

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The winter doldrums
bring frigid rains and dry air.
At last the earth sleeps.

Quack said the small duck
Good Bye said the mother duck
Quack Quack Quack said all

Simple thoughts destroy
hell fire of the old river
that flows in my head.

Fiddle, Flute, and Harp
sing to mermaids as you dive
deeper and deeper.

Do like to read my Haikus? There’s plenty more on my blog.
posted by panascakes.