Cut Yo Jibba Jabba Bout This Word Of The Week!


Ah’m Mr. T, an’ I came here on dis tank Snickas gave me befo’ they passed me up fo a skinny white dude wit a  guitar and a brotha wit a manipulative last name! Grrrrrrrrrr! It really frazzles mah beard, ya know?

But the point ah be sayin is I’ma hunkah down here until I git an actin opportunity beyon’ Flavorwave ovens.

You foos watch dat?

You see what ah mean.

Anyway, ah’m providin’ the word of this week: “pity.”

4 Responses to Cut Yo Jibba Jabba Bout This Word Of The Week!

  1. Bunk Strutts says:

    “An’ don’ be messin’ wit my lemon skin zester neither.”

  2. planetross says:

    Maybe Mr.T can start doing Red Rose Tea commercials.

    “Only in Canada, you say? Pity….”

  3. geagleesq says:

    P-Ross – tres interessant et agréable ….

    BUT the Middle-Kolonies can hardly expect to UNDERSTAND the benefits of British Rule & SchPelling or to savour (err … savOr) the pleasures of Dominion Tea

    …. if they decline to exclude from Polite Society those Who Party, dressed as Injuns in Revolting Harbours (hWoops – harbOrs) and Who Prefer the Murderous Attractions of the 2nd Amendment to paying Stamp Duty on Newspapers or drinking Good King George’s Health

    After all, no American child ever shot himself (or in these enLightened Times, herself) or his brother/sister while drinking the King’s Health

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