My Public Brainstorm

I’ve been thinking up things I could do here on my whenever-I-feel-like-it basis. I’m gonna put them in the form of a bulleted list! Yay!

  • My first big idea that struck me: Is/Are <historic person/group of people> awesome or not?
  • Plethora o’ awesome: A cluster of pictures, videos, gifs that I deem worthy.
  • I’m prone to outbursts of oddness. Beware that.
  • Once I get a steady stream of comments again, I’ll try out caption contests.
  • Anything that comes to mind at some point.

What’s next: Napoleon Bonaparte.

2 Responses to My Public Brainstorm

  1. Davis says:

    Seems like you’ve got a plan better than most of us. Good luck

  2. Thanks, Davis. Lotsa good stuff coming up. Be sure to keep reading.

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