A Somewhat Questionable Piece Of Poetry Pertaining To The Blog That I Post At Now

Saturday, August 1, 2009

That’s right! If for some reason, you’ve found yourself uncontrollably infatuated with me, you can still find me every so often posting over at Bunk Strutt’s blog, Tacky Raccoons. Here is my tribute:

An Ode (?) To Tacky Raccoons

Here is an ode to an attractive blog:

O Tacky Raccoons, ye blog so funny

With many pictures including this dog.

The common cold makes my nose all runny.

That previous line made barely much sense

And the reason why I typed it so is

When it comes to sonnets, I am quite dense.

But enough of me, for this blog is his.

By “his,” of course, I refer to Bunk Strutts.

I’d say Bunk is a mighty fine fellow,

But prone to posting pictures of orange butts.

He hasn’t yet, and they could be yellow.

Something, something, something…umm…pocket combs.

Man, I pretty much don’t suck with these poems.

Me, except worse at poetry.
Me, except worse at poetry.

Did you see that? Yeah, that just happened.

You’re welcome, all.