Band Names

I don’t know of any bands with these names, so…

1. Jane Magni

2. Jak Salad

3. The Rowboats

4. Dreadfully Truthful


6. The Legless Hamsters

7. Crossed I’s

8. Dotted T’s

9. Rust

10. The Ottoman Turks

11. Utopians

12. .

13. (Band Name Here)

14. Limping Legless

15. The Oparins

16. Limonade

17. Leonardo!

18. Insignificant Details

19. Copious Facial Hair

20. The Poker Shirts

21. Wolfgang Amadeus Chopin

22. The  Notes

23. Frogurt

24. Squash Patrol

25. Punctuation, Errors

26. Extreme Halophiles

27. Hyperbole

28. The Nose Theives

29. Eye Witness

30. Never Forever

31. Tilde

32. The Octogenarians

33. Broken Clouds

34. Klaus

35. 3 Pair Sock Pile

36. Insanity Embodied

37. The Bararas

38. Apostrophe

39. Cold Front Passing

40. Bards of Prey

41. Da Cougahs

42. The Sharpest

43. 2 Fat Women

44. Medium Rare

45. Ockray Andbay

46. Wearing Blue

47. Incognito

48. Dubious At Best

49. The Embezzlers

50. Intense Masculinity

51. Carved in Crayon

52. The Helen Keller Experience


6 Responses to Band Names

  1. Bunk Strutts says:

    Where is Rootboy Slim and the SexChange Band?

  2. dodoscholar says:

    long time no comment, eh? i like name #1. also tilde and the helen keller experience are pretty much ballin 🙂

  3. Kitty says:

    wow this is great. My favorites are 3 Sock Pile and The Embezzlers.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Bunk-Number 53.

    dodo/Kitty-Thanks! I got the idea for three sock pile when I noticed a pile of three socks near me. :p

  5. Timoteo says:

    How about “Butterscotch Tire Tool” and “Raw Sewage.”

  6. magpye says:

    Congratulations, you have just posted your most successful post ever in your history — trust me. I wrote a post about band names almost two years ago and to this day it still gets more hits than anything else. Is that good, or am I that pathetic? Results are still pending, but it’s just not looking that good.

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