In Memoriam


9 Responses to In Memoriam

  1. Assassin Dolphin says:

    This isn’t that funny.

    And in relation to 9/11, what is the waiting time after a disaster before jokes are considered acceptable to make?

  2. Assassin Dolphin says:

    It was just an inquiry

  3. SpartanWolfe says:

    this is kinda irrelevant…but the clouds in the top left corner form a 4.

  4. jamesviscosi says:

    You’re right, and it looks like the “4” from the Fantastic Four’s costumes. If only …

  5. S. Le says:

    Brilliant tribute.

  6. SpartanWolfe says:

    I knew it! The Fantastic Four are really part of Al-Qaida, and they organized the whole 9/11 event! Let’s get em!

  7. I think that james meant that he wished the fantastic four existed and saved the people.

    Shut up, AD.

  8. SpartanWolfe says:

    Well nevertheless, i still say they are part of Al-Qaida

  9. epicurienne says:

    Nice pic. So if the Fantastic Four are part of Al Qaida, how come they don’t have those big beards? Just another irrelevant question… Perhaps they invisibilise them with a secret power.

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