Sporeday 4: Dibble-Dobble

This creature has 2 heads, 3 eyes, 6 limbs… and it’s 1 awesome creature.

Like most animals, both heads have an esophagus and a breathing tube (they each have a stomach and a lung), but there is, unfortunately, a third tube at the end of the mouth, the colon. The head with 2 eyes controls the legs, but the dumber one eyed head controls the arms and usually just flails them around.

Basically, when you see this creature, it will be walking around with its arms flailing, each head coughing up the other head’s waste. Eeeewww.

To see all of the creatures that I or an associate have created that could be used in future posts click here.


2 Responses to Sporeday 4: Dibble-Dobble

  1. jamesviscosi says:

    Somehow I don’t see this particular creature taking over the universe … but, stranger things have happened!

  2. I don’t see this taking it over much else than… I dunno.

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