Igor On Chains, Backed By His Baying Hounds

Monsterday 10, great taste, less filling! In order for the double post to be made in a timely manner there are only 2 monsters today. Also, there is a shortage of them.

Name: Spherus Feminus Rattailicus Bunnicus; the Lipstick-Wearing Spherical Rat-Tailed Bunny Monster (ouch)

Height/Weight: 1’5″/7 lbs.

Attitude: This monster is very flamboyant. They also like pie. The monster depicted here is a male.

Comment: “I LIKE PIE!”

Traits: This monster is just like a mouse that scours around a kitchen floor looking for food. Even though my blog is a giant kitchen, I called the exterminators, so you won’t be seeing this monster.

Name: Trunkus Jawluss Crabbicus Blindus Hawkus; the Blind Jawless Crab-Clawed Hawking Tree-Monster (long names today)

Height/Weight: 23’4″/750 lbs.

Attitude: This monster loves to promote things and will not stop at it if it isn’t stopped. It is also lactose intolerant.

Comment: Stereo photography is alive and well, and making a comeback of sorts. This is cross-eye free viewing. Parallel free viewing is easier for some, and can be seen at the National Stereoscopic Assn. website at: **********.org. There are links to other 3d sites online, there as well.

Traits: As you can see by the height and weight, this monster is the size of a large tree, which is exactly what it is… except for the fact that it has giant crab claws, a mouth, and a brain. Maybe I should call those guys that move trees…



One Response to Igor On Chains, Backed By His Baying Hounds

  1. BigBan says:

    Oh, Thanks! Really amazing. Big ups!

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