Happy Belated Bunkday!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I completely forgot that yesterday was Tacky Raccoon’s birthday! I even baked a cake!


And your present is…

All 7 of the collector’s edition soapees!


Here’s to another year!

Igor On Chains, Backed By His Baying Hounds

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monsterday 10, great taste, less filling! In order for the double post to be made in a timely manner there are only 2 monsters today. Also, there is a shortage of them.

Name: Spherus Feminus Rattailicus Bunnicus; the Lipstick-Wearing Spherical Rat-Tailed Bunny Monster (ouch)

Height/Weight: 1’5″/7 lbs.

Attitude: This monster is very flamboyant. They also like pie. The monster depicted here is a male.

Comment: “I LIKE PIE!”

Traits: This monster is just like a mouse that scours around a kitchen floor looking for food. Even though my blog is a giant kitchen, I called the exterminators, so you won’t be seeing this monster.

Name: Trunkus Jawluss Crabbicus Blindus Hawkus; the Blind Jawless Crab-Clawed Hawking Tree-Monster (long names today)

Height/Weight: 23’4″/750 lbs.

Attitude: This monster loves to promote things and will not stop at it if it isn’t stopped. It is also lactose intolerant.

Comment: Stereo photography is alive and well, and making a comeback of sorts. This is cross-eye free viewing. Parallel free viewing is easier for some, and can be seen at the National Stereoscopic Assn. website at: **********.org. There are links to other 3d sites online, there as well.

Traits: As you can see by the height and weight, this monster is the size of a large tree, which is exactly what it is… except for the fact that it has giant crab claws, a mouth, and a brain. Maybe I should call those guys that move trees…