I’m Back Again


I’ve been bound by a very shady agreement that promises to torture me with a fish unless I write on this blog once a day. And a post is a post, and at the time of writing this there’s still 8 minutes left in the day (night?). Now I know at this point most of you (I’m not pointing fingers at Bunk or Kitty) are going to have a face similar to this:

And I know that some of you (Panascakes) might have a face similar to this:

But I’m only bound  by my contract until about Monday. After that I’ll probably be gone again (PROBABLY). I just thought it would seem that I had a soul if I warned you.

Good day fine sir!


11 Responses to I’m Back Again

  1. Bunk Strutts says:

    Dolph– Glad you’re finally stepping up to the plate. If you need help finding the colored paper and crayons, lemme know. –Bunk

  2. assassaindolphin says:

    I require safety scissors for my post tomorrow. I know we didn’t have them here last time I checked but where would they be if we had any?

  3. Bunk Strutts says:

    They’re prolly behind the couch with FinPeng’s socks and the cat stuff. Look there.

  4. jamesviscosi says:

    Now that you have revealed the truth about the pipe-smoking rabbit, we are all doomed!

  5. panascakes says:

    Slow Poke?
    You read me like a book…

  6. SpartanW0lf3 says:

    (never eat only chicken based foods for 5 days, eggs chicken, “pork”, and chicken fried “steak”; ive had enough camp chicken for a few years)
    and with surprisingly good timing with assaassain
    I laugh at kitty bunk and panas
    im part of the few who did know about the bunny

  7. Bunk Strutts says:

    Long rapacious wonderment ensues;
    Dark candle runs wolf meat.
    Parlez vous Francez, o no;
    Tengo mariposas en mis orejas, tambien.

  8. SpartanW0lf3 says:

    mind explaining that bunk?

  9. Bunk Strutts says:


    It was a stream of consciousness reponse to your mysterious prose. The line in spanish translates to “I have butterflies in my ears, also.”

    Hope that clears things up for you.

  10. panascakes says:

    I understood it… And I’m Slowpoke!

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