Wednesday Is Sporeday

That’s right! Be a good spore-t (I apologize), and go along with this. Every Wednesday, I’ll make a creature using Spore. I already have 15, so I’m set for now.

Let’s start this with Cino. I heard “Encino” over the TV when I was making him, and Cino sounded fun.

And I suppose that I’ll do some traits like Monsterday.

This creature, normally very friendly, can get very angry if you step on its front foot. If this happens, try to stay in front of the monster at all times. Why? See those spikes on his back? He will stand up and fall backward on you. He can also use his back legs to kick back at you like a mule. He also has gas.

And here is a possibly better look at Cino.

Starting Friday, assassin dolphin is getting chance number three and he’s posting here until Monsterday or Tuesday.



7 Responses to Wednesday Is Sporeday

  1. jamesviscosi says:

    Cool creature! My wife wandered by and looked at it and now she wants to play Spore when it comes out …

  2. planetross says:

    I like spores sporadically; but never on a weak day 🙂

  3. Creature Creator is available, James.

    Huh, Ross?

  4. SinisterDan says:

    I’ve had the creature creator since it came out, but every time I sit down to use it, I am set upon by my 4 year old.

    As such, I have created a vast array of bears.

    That kid needs a job.

  5. Dolphin, I’ve provided monsterday links. Check email.

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