The Ghouls All Came From Their Humble Abodes

Sorry about the late post. Broadcast live in front of a live studio audience, it’s Monsterday 8!

Name: Zappus Tenteclus; the Tentacled Zapper

Attitude: These monsters are very friendly, and they tend to make stupid jokes about Chuck Norris.

Example of Speech: “chuck norris can be a rectangle, but a rectangle cant be chuck norris”

Traits: Like many of the Intellectus species, these monsters gather electricty through the bolts and wires on its head. The more it collects, the more painful its sting, which is delivered through tentacles. Its teeth can crack even the hardest walnut.

Name: Bunnicus Blobbus Friendlius; the Friendly Bunny Blob

Attitude: This monster is very friendly, but is also very literal. This one thought that my blog had a point!

Example of Speech: “Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation ) Anyway … nice blog to visit.”

Traits: Because it is friendly and smart, this really isn’t a very interesting monster. You can usually find them in any city living in the standard apartment. And guess what! My blog is an apartment complex. This monster doesn’t like to be disturbed, so don’t go into room 1408.

Name: Wingus Unicornus Jawluss; the Jawless Winged Unicorn Monster

Attitude: This monster enjoys writing haikus. He also loves Jesus.

Example of Speech: “cacti are spiny, like some of our comments here, on this funny blog. I love Jesus.”

Traits: This monster has artificial limbs which allow in to walk long distances without not having legs. The horn on its head turns whatever it touches into marshmallows and love, 2 critical ingredients in hot chocolate. This monster would play the fiddle, but it has no arms.

Name: Zennus Rattailicus Complimentus; the Complementing Rat-Tailed Zen Monster

Attitude: This monster is peaceful and is very fond of cars.

Example of Speech: “sweet car.”

Traits: Not much is known about this monster. Oh look, he’s waving to you. Oh look, he’s smiling. Oh look, THAT THING HAS HUNDREDS OF TEETH!

I still need name and traits for this monster.

By the way, I have Spore Creature Creator Free Trail Version (I’ll update eventually). I could use it for Monsterdayish thing. I’ll make a creature a week!



5 Responses to The Ghouls All Came From Their Humble Abodes

  1. panascakes says:

    Most boring monsterday, as of yet.
    Now THIS deserves an award!

  2. Yes it is. I tried to get this on as fast as I could. I didn’t really look for A-grade monsters.

  3. Bunk Strutts says:

    Whad’ya gonna do when you run out of lyrics, Fin? Jump to K-Tell’s “Monster Hits ’74?”

    “Oogachaka, OogaOogaOogachacka…”

  4. Mental Mist says:

    I love Jesus 😦 … No wait… Sweet car …. You rock!! I didn’t get it, but, nice blog!!

    i’m mutating 🙂 …

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