From My Laboratory In The Castle East

Monsterday 6! Now with 4 monsters! That’s right, I’ve added another monster in!

Name: Dinosaurus Bunnicus Triangulus; the Dinorabbit Trianguloid (Egyptian Variety)

Attitude: Although usually angry monsters, they appear very peaceful because, well, they drink. Miller Light.

Example of Speech: TASTE GREAT!!! LESS FILLING!!!”

Traits: It’s arms show that is an Egyptian because this particular species walks like one. No one’s sure about why it has rabbit ears, but it is speculated that they are for looking funny. This monster tries not to overeat, but regardless, it goes straight to their thighs, as shown by the photo (Hint: The only dinosaur part is the tail.).

Name: Sluggus Jawluss; the Jawless Walking Slug

Attitude: I like the way this monster thinks. He is a huge Mr. T fan. Because it’s mouth is always open, it usually shouts.

Example of Speech: “MR.T is amazing me and my friend Hugh think he is so cool. we even both bought MR.T hanheld soundboards! MR.T ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Traits: Knowing that this monster is a slug, you know what is a fun thing to do? Salt it. Unfortunately, it is more resistant and will die a slower death than a normal slug, which means salting=your head bitten off.

Name: Antennus Literus Crabbicus; the Literate Antenna Crab

Attitude: This particular species can read, write, and speak very well. This monster is credited as one of the smartest in existence, even without being a member of the Intellectus species.

Example of Speech: “I was actually in the recent book regarding 6 word memoirs. I was felt really pleased and lucky. I got a promo copy of the book and discovered that I was in some really swank company, too. All in all, the 6 word memoir is a really cool concept. )

Traits: How does this monster become so smart? The antenna on it’s head allows it to tune into any frequency of radio waves and learn. It also enjoys Rush Limbaugh.

Name: Vibrantus Blockus Crabbicus; the Vibrant Block Crab

Attitude: These monsters typically try to be right and correct others, as shown by a part of a discussion about a suspicious reaching hand.

Example of Speech: “no he’s reaching for assassaindolphin’s hand 2 shake it”

Traits: These monsters are usually very elusive because of over-hunting. They are hunted in forests because of their bright colors, so they usually hide in the sewers, and even though my blog is a complex series of sewers, you won’t see this monster much if you see it at all. You may think that the pink on top of its head is a brain, but, in fact, is a beehive hair do made of cotton candy.



7 Responses to From My Laboratory In The Castle East

  1. jamesviscosi says:

    Ooooh, a cotton candy beehive hairdo? Is it Amy Winehouse in disguise???

  2. panascakes says:

    No, If it was amy winehouse it would have emphysema and it would look hotter.

  3. You serious about that last part, pancakes?

  4. Kitty says:

    Your monsterday posts are excellent, FinPen.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. kumothebear says:

    I want a link to this vibrant block crab. He will make a good specimen.

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