Zoom Zoom Zoom

Two cars today:

First off, the new Hummer model, the Guzzler! It gets 1½ miles per gallon!

This next one might look like the VW Beetle, but it’s actually the Rabbit.




18 Responses to Zoom Zoom Zoom

  1. planetross says:

    That “rabbit” must be a tough one to wash 🙂

  2. It runs on a new kind of fuel, so you also need to clean up its pellets.

  3. SpartanW0lf3 says:

    I am a big fan of bunnies and I have to say I am offended by this Fin Pen! I demand that you stop being so stereotypical about bunnies and their…pellet problem… As for you planetross…yes it is.

  4. It’s not my fault that they’re using alternative fuel.

  5. You’re pathetic, Finicky Penguin. MY Hummer gets 35 gallons to the mile.


  6. Yours obviously isn’t that model.

  7. I’m proud that I get the least fuel efficient car ever.

  8. Bunk Strutts says:

    I had a ’72 Chevy Capris 400ci with fender skirts. Didn’t need a speedometer, just watched the gas gauge. GREAT gas milage downhill.

  9. People are really getting weirder and weirder.

  10. That, or not as many people are becoming more normal.

  11. Bunk Strutts says:

    Sorry for the confusion, H.S. It was a ’72 Chevrolet Caprice Classic with a lame Carter 4bbl carb, not a “Capris.” All cylinders fired if you punched it, otherwise I only had 7 out of 8 burnin’ up the ozone layer.

    Here’s “La Bamba” in all her glory: http://www.autoseekandsell.com/userimages/AUT0002.jpg

  12. panascakes says:

    This makes me feel… irksome.

  13. It makes you feel annoying?

  14. Bunk Strutts says:

    Turgid is the correct response, as in, “That Babe Magnet makes me turgid.”

  15. Tony says:

    Love the Hummer
    The Beetle, well……
    Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit!!!

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