Non-Sequitur Protests are now the norm.

Stand up to Bush. Okay, that’s a strong statement. But since that slogan means absolutely nothing, what’s next?

Just Poop. When confusion strikes, Just Poop. Not sure what to protest? Just Poop. Couldn’t snag a professionally printed sign? Just Poop. And I bet you step in it, too, ya steaming pile of dork.

As long as we’re protesting stuff in ignorance, let’s pick something that everyone has an opinion on: Global Warming!

Talk about ironic. Replace the letter “i” with the letters “m”and “o” and now we’re getting somewhere.

Lookee here. I’m all for Global Warming. I’m also for Global Cooling. It happens on a daily basis. But I’m definitely NOT for Global Boiling or Global Freezing, and neither one is gonna happen for another billion years or so if it happens at all.

Let’s stop Global Whining instead. Do your doody, and Just Poop.

[Top image from here, 2nd one from somewhere else.]


3 Responses to Non-Sequitur Protests are now the norm.

  1. Tony Mc says:

    Ah Global whining, That’s what generates the heat that produces the warming.
    Whine, whine whine thats all too many people do.
    Yes I agree with you just poop & enjoy it.
    Love the 2nd picture, brilliant
    & an extra Jibber-Jabber just for you 🙂

  2. Bunk Strutts says:

    Tony Mc–

    Met your older brother RunD a few years back. Nice guy.

    Thanks for the spare J-J. You are no longer on double-secret probation.

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