Dancing In The Street

I’m not really sure if this is staged or not, but I like to think that it isn’t.


I won a contest over at Ross’s blog. I was the only one who entered except for the creator of the grand prize, Kelly Pettit. I won his CD.


7 Responses to Dancing In The Street

  1. Del Solu says:

    Crazy dancing grandma!

  2. YOUR crazy dancing grandma.

    I enjoy that monster, too.

  3. planetross says:

    The CD is on it’s way tomorrow ……….. by airplane!! Technology is amazing!!!

  4. I popped popcorn before ……….. by microwave!! Technology is amazing!!!

  5. TaskForce says:

    Could be she is drunk or just wants to excersize. what ever it is I’ll bet she went home and started to wonder herself what she was doing after you opened your window to ask what she was doing.

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