It Was A Graveyard Smash

It’s always nice to show various monster-avatars. First off, the Green Pingback Monster!

I think that the hair represents a shrunken head, but it is also a bat. I’m not sure how this applies to pingback.

Next, commentus nonsensicus. Usually characterized with comments that do not make much sense, such as: ” I don’t think this blog is wild and weird. I think it is cat…” 

Next, feminus crabbicus crappmarr, also known as the Lipstick-Wearing Dung Crab. Its comments are usually found in the past, as this species is extinct. This sample was discovered in October:

“hola muchacha, it’s the one we all worship and adore!!!anywayz, i finally seen it(DA BLOG OF AWESOMENESS!!!) and there’s this stinky old guy at the computer beside me :0 jk! toodles! say hi to the crazed wizard for me, will ya? hasta la vista ( i ain’t gonna call u babyyyyy) emos vs bumblebees…ps.Job 3:16, hee hee…pps. read leviticus…”

Now, we find feminus blobbifigus hoppigus, otherwise known as the Lipstick-Wearing Bunny Blob. It usually runs a Spanish website about hotels, and puts meaningless comments to attract people to it, such as:

“That is gret.”

Lastly, we have feminus struttskim unicornus, or Strutts Lipstick-Wearing Unicorn Monster. Discovered by Bunk Strutts, this monster is a copy-cat, and thus acts and talks like its discoverer. Here is a comment by the monster:

“Wow. Chuck slows down time and cranks off a slow-motion roundhouse kick, taking out a coupla poorly drawn two dimensional goons in black. That really happened to him in Pittsburgh, I think…”

Here is a comment by Bunk:

“Oh, Beat me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar!”

Similar, no?

This concludes part 1. I’ll make part 2 when I feel like it.

I HAVE IT! I think that I’ll do the weekly joke! I’ll start it yesterday! The Joke Bin is back!

And I also added a nifty contact page.

Here’s a hint for the hidden comment page: I may move around, but everything is okay to me.


17 Responses to It Was A Graveyard Smash

  1. Bunk says:

    What in the land of the onions and the eels is this all about?

  2. Bunk Strutts says:

    Wait– That green thing isn’t me! I don’t get it.

  3. Wow! A live specimen! Catch it!

  4. Kitty says:

    Will I turn into a monster too?

    Where is that hidden comment page?

  5. If you sign out and comment, you can see your monster.

    And it brings me pain in my side that only dolphin has found the page. (that was a hint)

  6. assassaindolphin says:

    1. It says that the page isn’t there anymore


    2. This is the first post I have enjoyed in a while. Keep it up.

  7. 1. I went to the page, and it is still up. I’d might describe it as GOLDEN. *cough cough*

    2. Part 2 coming soon.

  8. Bunk says:

    HI! I’M PART 2! Damn glad to be here. How ’bout that band? Tip your waitress and I’ll be back tomorrow night. Drive safely! Good Night!

  9. Bunk Strutts says:

    Dang! There it is again!

  10. That certainly is an active monster…

  11. SO (cash)… what type of monster am I?

  12. Hmm… looks like a very fine example of an Intellectual Tentacled Blob of the blue variety.

  13. I wonder what my monster is… Hopefully something nice.

  14. An Egyptian Brain-Sucker with added robotic legs for greater mobility. The proboscis is used for draining brains, and accounts for the mass on top of the head.

  15. I think that I’m going to change this image (the one for non-logged in users) with shock images (I have a pet GOAT if you know what I mean.

  16. If you change your image, only comment here unlogged, please.

  17. kumothebear says:

    I wouldn’t change MY avatar, just the ones of people that aren’t logged in.

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