Noodles Too Hot?

Do You regularly eat with chopsticks or go to noodle houses? If you answered yes to these questions, you need this!


They’re chopsticks… but they have a fan on them. You can now cool your noodles quickly and easily! Pretty cool, eh? Eh? EH?!


16 Responses to Noodles Too Hot?

  1. panascakes says:

    No. Not pretty cool. I noticed you took this picture from somewhere else. Maybe you should hone your skills and actually make some of your own jokes.
    Your blog is decomposing.

  2. panascakes says:

    Oh and when was the last time “Kitty commented here? Seems like she DOESN’T LIKE YOUR BLOG ANYMORE BECAUSE IT IS DEAD AND EMITS AN INDESCRIBABLE FETOR.

  3. Have you noticed that all of my pictures have been from someone else? And I come up with the small amount of commentary myself.

    And she just commented today. This blog is alive. People visit, read, and comment, and I post regularly.

    Please don’t give me your crappy food and water comment because I am getting really pissed now.

  4. assassaindolphin says:


  5. Bunk Strutts says:

    Like, dude, Pansacakes and AssDolph are ruining their own karma. Like the Hannah Montana concert just harshed their mellow or something…

  6. assassaindolphin says:

    Karma? I hit a fat person with my Karma while driving today.

  7. And they didn’t feel a thing.

  8. Kitty says:

    Hey, what’s up with hating on me, dudes?

    I enjoy FinPen’s blog. I’m busy and not getting around to commenting on blogs too much lately. I’m still reading all the funny stuff in feeds. All of it.

    Assassain, why do you use that avatar? I know what it is.

    Panascakes, why are you treating your friend like this?

    Bunk has your back, FP.

  9. Bunk Strutts says:

    What kinda chewy toy is it, Kit?
    (2xAss and Pansa aren’t playing nice.)

  10. Kitty says:

    Chew toy, LOL.

    I just see a lot of hard work going into this blog and it’s a little upsetting to see some trolling going on here.

    You guys don’t need that. Things work a lot better when you all get along and work as a team.

    FinPen, use your delete key if you have to. It is a powerful weapon.

  11. Your avatar has a right to be criticized. It’s PEDObear. And I put work into posting every day that I can. For the last time, the pictures aren’t funny to YOU. Others could enjoy them.

    You know what. You irritate me.

  12. Bunk Strutts says:

    Kit’s right, FinPeng–

    Trash the trolls. They’re not worth the aggravation. I checked out their blogs, and they’ve got nothing to brag about. Agent DoubleAssD can’t even write coherently.

    Flush ’em, then wash your hands.

  13. You insist that you are neutral, but all you’ve been doing was calling everything here stupid just because you two don’t find them funny. That doesn’t mean that others don’t enjoy it. Besides, your blogs don’t remotely entertain me or Irma, and most likely many others. How many other people read your blogs? Has anybody but me, dodoscholar, and you two ever commented on your blog?

    And within the last 3 comments that you 2 made, I’ve found grammatical errors. You’re spam now.

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