Behold this incredibly beautiful piece of watermelon art. Yes, I know that it is Van Gogh, but the hat makes it look like Chuck Norris.


Just a reminder: Thursday’s word of the day is “Lycanthropy.”




7 Responses to Chuck-Ermelon

  1. dodoscholar says:

    i like the melon…but why is there a FURRY on here?

  2. Hadn’t thought of that…

  3. Dr. Rockso says:

    I’m pretty sure that watermelon is Vincent Vango

  4. C-C-C-C-YEAH! Just remember dodoscholar, not all animals are furrys. Just look at me!

    P.S I used the word lycanthropy in public today.

  5. dodoscholar says:

    i know you’re not a furry, assassindolphin, you’re a double-jointed shinto necromancer pedophile bear. i hope i got that right…

  6. Double-jointed Shintoh Hermetic pedophile bear, thank you.

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