Here is the next installment in my series:

in the future: Waving your hand to say hello will become obsolete.

farther in the future: There will be a period when we will have no way to greet each other with our hands.

in the far future: Waving your hand will be a rude gesture. Butt pats and picking one’s nose will both be ways of greeting each other.

Thursday is great, no?

Would you rather:

A. have your limbs ripped off one by one while being boiled alive
B. be slowly devoured by a giant snail beast while its acidic saliva burns your skin off

Please indicate A or B when posting a comment.

Another great post by Panascakes


6 Responses to Gord

  1. assassaindolphin says:

    I CHOOSE ANSWER F! Maybe I don’t want to explain it however…

  2. A. I’d probably bleed out faster than B.

  3. assassindolphin says:

    first comment on
    my brand new iPod touch! Wooolp!

  4. assassindolphin says:

    okay, if I chose a real answer it would be B. Its so much cooler.

  5. SpartanW0lf3 says:

    B all the way! I’d wanna get to c the giant snail beast!

  6. magpye says:

    I think A. I was all the way with B until you broke out with the acid saliva. Then I had to reconsider.

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