Hey! It’s The “What Should Be Changed?” Post!

Comment on what you think of this blog and what I need to change or improve on!


14 Responses to Hey! It’s The “What Should Be Changed?” Post!

  1. Kitty says:

    You’re doing a great job already, it’s quirky and is always improving.

    You going Obama on us with that “change” theme?

  2. snappyd says:

    you should drop the chimps and hire some bonobos

  3. Thanks, Kitty.
    snappyd-Cletus, Paris, and Heinrich are staying up in the banner.

  4. panascakes says:

    Sometimes I think your blog can be repetitive. Its a good thing that you dropped the lol animals.

    Instead of pictures and videos, all the time, you should put funny typing exercises with cryptic messages for American children with autism. Then we know if your a real blogger.

    You need less Chuck Norris.

    You need more of my posts.

    I like cheese and you should to.

    Grammar counts! Punctuation counts! I purposely put mistakes in my comment! Post a comment identifying them!

  5. Bunk says:


    Since you asked:

    You need more Chuck Norris and less grammar. Forget punctuation. No one knows how to pronounce “;” or “.” or “…” for that matter.

    More photos of big breasted amazon women like you used to post, and fewer cutesy cat pictures.

    Gimme a mushroom omelette with Lousiana Hot Sauce and a side of sausage with homefries while you’re at it. Oh yeah, the coffee is cold, too. More panascakes, please.

  6. dodoscholar says:

    i think you need more controversial posts. you can’t stay on the fence forever! you need to decrease political correctness and increase humor 🙂 i agree with panascakes about everything except the cheese

  7. How about Mr. T, panascakes? Also, if you want more of your posts, you should post more. Woot on the cheese.

    Bunk: I am going to use my punctuation… No comment on the Amazons; this is not a diner. This is Sparta.

    dodo: Hitlerslaveryhitlerslaverynazis.

  8. 1. Channge your Icon
    2. It goes Caturday, Bunday, Mondog, get it right
    3. Less Chuck Norris
    4. MOAR Mr. T
    5. Sip the cheese and never mention it again
    6. More Contoversy (liek me!)
    7. Disreguard the advice of Panascakes
    8. Allow me to post on here
    9. I want moar stuff to be SO cash or SO humble
    10. Moar mudkips
    11. Transport your blog into the future (liek me)
    12. Remove the links of sites on your sidebar containing “cheezburger” and “hotdog”
    14. Refer to rules 12 and 13
    15. That angers me that you can post right above my dolphin snout saying things about a certain militant German group from the 30’s and 40’s that sarted WWII. Let everybody or nobody say it.
    16. Agreeing w/ dodscholar in rule 6., You need comedy less targeted towards the single mid 30s working accountant mom with three 8 year old boys in a suburban home in the year 2004. She also likes to drive one of those wierd semi-SUVs and likes to listen to folk and country music. She grew up in a small town and is one of those GOD-BLESS-AMERICA and kill those terroists and *insulting racial word*s for what they did to us on 911. Her husband probably likes to hunt small game but they never really eat the meat. The probably have a golden retreiver named Max, and they all like to wear clothing with primary colors. She cooks eggs on the morning during the weekends and they like to go camping at the nearby lake. They have a fence around their backyard and her children like eating cheetos in a ceramic bowl. She likes to snuggle up in a warm blanket when home along and watch ABC while eating baked potato chips or wheat thins. Her children also really enjoy Sunny D. Everything that she finds funny she sends to her friends via AOL E-mail. She has an iPod that she never really listens to. Her husb… Wait…ummm…I think I was starting to write a small novel, but yeah, less of that.
    17. Moar pics in one post.
    18. Moar videos.
    19. Your overdue for a new theme by now. You CAN keep the chimps, however.

    That’s all I can think of for now but I’ll keep you updated. Otherwise, good blog!

  9. 1. How’s this icon?
    2. Caturday, etc. are no longer celebrated here.
    3. There always has been less Chuck than Mr. T.
    4. Read above.
    5. Okeydokey
    6. I really don’t think you’re using the right definition of controversy.
    7. What’s wrong with pcakes?
    8. All right, but you are just a contributor.
    9. How can things be SO cash or humble?
    10. I’ll leave Mudkips to you.
    11. No.
    12. Done.
    14. You skipped 13.
    15. No comment.
    16. I just put what I think is funny.
    17. No.
    18. Sure, why not? I’ll put on a hockey fight.
    19. I don’t like the other themes.

  10. cheesy007 says:


  11. assassaindolphin says:

    I find these changes… ACCEPTABLE!

  12. Mudkips are under dolphin’s rule.
    And they are very acceptable.

  13. Bunk Strutts says:

    I like that icon better… who is it? Alfred E. Hussein?

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