He Will Eat You Alive!

Don’t be fooled by his looks. This thing will eat you alive.

Yet again, my pictures aren’t working. Imagine a little kitten.


In other news, the Clay Pigeon, a “weekly magazine of humor and absurdity,” started very recently (Maybe yesterday?). It’s being done by some of the peoples who are members of humor-blogs.com, which can be found by clicking the button on my sidebar. I am placing a benner for the Pigeon in my sidebar right above the Huey Lewis button.


4 Responses to He Will Eat You Alive!

  1. Bunk says:


    Seems that your images aren’t being loaded…

  2. panascakes says:

    Yeah! I can’t see them either!

    What’s a benner?

  3. Bunk and panascakes, I saved then uploaded the picture in my most recent post as of Wednesday the 20th.
    I hope it works.

    And that is a typo for the word banner.

  4. Bunk Strutts says:

    This is kinda like the old National Lampoon Radio Show’s Phone In Photo Contest, where listeners would call in and describe their entry.

    Or Jerry Galvin’s “Talk-Talk” radio program where folks would call in and perform a magic trick and describe it on-the-air. (I made a Volkswagon appear in my bathroom.)

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