Another Mathfreak


And I bet there’s even more!


Here is the picture:

And here are the comments. Vote for the one that is your favorite!


1. Pointing man-”this picture isn’t funny! Get back to work!”

Bunk Strutts:

2. “That’s the one that told ME to go to the Poop Deck! SPANK HIM! LIEUTENANT!

3. “You! Pull my finger!”

A. Caleb Hartley:

4. “Mom! He won’t stay on his side of the warship!”


5. pointing guy: “Holy crap! it’s the Loch Ness Monster!” Lady: “Uh-huh, Jimmy. Just steer the frickin’ ship!”


6. “Daddy daddy, I wanna ride the ugly horsie!


10 Responses to Another Mathfreak

  1. merlin08 says:

    Oh my goodness that math geek blew my mind.

  2. panascakes says:

    you should number them. In that case I like number 1.

  3. Bunk says:

    There is a typo on the ninth line of calcs above his head, and about five feet to his right. The “A” should be in lower case. Aside from that, the proof is excellent. Best wishes to your gastric bypass pal.

  4. dodoscholar says:

    heeeheee thx 4 putting mine up there(and yes, the loch ness monster DOES exist!!!)

  5. I just numbered them, pcakes.

    If this mathfreak blew your mind, merlin, you haven’t seen what Criss Angle can do.

    Your eyes are better than mine, Bunk.

    I bet, dodo.

  6. SpartanW0lf3 says:

    so what problem did that guy solve anyway?

  7. He found out whether or not robots could love. They can.

  8. merlin08 says:

    yeah ive seen vids of criss angel he’s a really freaky dude. especially that coin trick oh man that is soooooo sick.

  9. You mean the one where it appears that the coin is moving through his arm? 😀

  10. merlin08 says:

    yeah that one. and he had to cut his arm to get the coin. its sick. but really entertaining. =)

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