Such A NICE Fast Food Chain…

I’m pretty sure that some guy took things from Japanese McDonald’s advertisements and remixed it. The video is titled: Ronald Mcdonald Gone Crazy. Enjoy.


Happy Super Tuesday, by the way. Don’t you feel SUPER??? 🙂

The captioning of the picture 5 posts down will be up for captioning until the end of Thursday, then I’ll have a vote. I don’t think that I can get a poll here… Oh well.

2 days left in the Blog Cup’s first round. If you don’t fully understand what I mean in the sidebar after you go to the site, I made a more specific description in my “Does Anyone Else Agree?” post.


11 Responses to Such A NICE Fast Food Chain…

  1. panascakes says:

    well, Super FinPeng, You’ve done it again. I was inspired by the amazing er… dancing?

  2. dodoscholar says:

    this is going to give me nightmares *runs under bed* nearly as scary as a wild bear 😉

  3. dodoscholar says:

    heyyyyy you overwrote my original word! I am afraid of that thing that you overwrote!!!!!!!! a wild bear is not as scary as it!
    ps im going to send ninjas to come and KILL you!

  4. SpartanW0lf3 says:

    Are you trying to brainwash us?!

    …It’s working…Must eat McDonald’s

  5. Muhahahahahaha! My plan works!

  6. dodoscholar says:

    GRRRRRRRR! i will send the thing that i am REALLY afraid of to come and get you! i hope you can pay for post-trauma therapy

  7. SpartanW0lf3 says:

    hehe, every time i watch it, it makes me think of ur youngest brother

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