Lather and Nothing Else

I stole this from Bunk Strutts. It was too good of a picture to not be put on here.

And apparently, it’s  from here.

This is going straight to the chapel!

And the caption contest is still on 4 posts down. Remember to keep on voting in the Blog Cup! The end of the first round is on Thursday! Just click the button over on the right.


6 Responses to Lather and Nothing Else

  1. magpye says:

    “Made of an Excellence”?? So, I wonder, just how many excellences have to die to bring a Mr. T Celebriduck into the world?

  2. magpye says:

    Seems excessive… not to mention the fact that I pity the fool who puts a beak on Mr. T.

  3. anon says:

    You stole that name from which you do not know… YOU HAVE STOLEN FROM THE GODS! get well soon by the way.

  4. dodoscholar says:

    hahahahahahaha i want this duck! its awesome!

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