I Wouldn’t Buy One

BMWs are expensive enough, but in this commercial starring the Pittsburgh Penguins (hockey), they make it less convincing to purchase one. See for yourself.


Caption contest post is directly under this one. Remember to enter the contest.

And I haven’t mentioned this in a while. Nobody has found the secret comment page save for 1 person. Here’s a horrible hint: Luck is on your side.

One more thing! The February Blog Cup started today, so go there and vote for me!!!


4 Responses to I Wouldn’t Buy One

  1. I personally think they’re just right for roles in the original Flash Gordon Movie…

  2. Yes. They are. Do I know you?

  3. accident compensation claim says:

    The video is really awesome .. I like this this is quite cool .

  4. Ha! I foiled your plot! 😈

    Thanks for the compliment, though.

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