Stop The Unicorns!



This comic is very unfeasible. I can’t ignore it.


3 Responses to Stop The Unicorns!

  1. panascakes says:

    What your post should say:
    Congrats Pcakes! You got 2nd in the iBlog cup Jan.
    Nice going!

    What your post did say:
    Look at me! I’m so cool because I post old webcomix and I don’t acknowledge someone else’s success!

    No hard feelings. Cranberries.

  2. dodoscholar says:

    awwwww *hugs panascakes* you are a baaad person, finickypenguin! congrats on the blog cup, panascakes! *does cheer*

  3. I didn’t check the blog cup the day that I made the post. Congrats.

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