Chuck Meets Guys—Guys Get Hurt

This picture was sent to me by Kitty from The Show Must Go On. It was taken one second before Chuck delivered a roundhouse kick (Yes, he had the adequate amount of space) to both of the guys in this picture.

And by the way, in my blogroll, there’s a link to Chuck Norris’ website. You should go there.

Picture appears to be broken. I must have dropped it. Replaced with this. Title remains appropriate.



4 Responses to Chuck Meets Guys—Guys Get Hurt

  1. Kitty says:

    Wow, there is a Chuck Pez dispenser?

    There should also be a Mr. T one.

  2. I think it was from Walker Texas Ranger. And if you search “Mr. T pez” on google image search, you’ll find an abomination of a T pez dispenser.

  3. dodoscholar says:

    i wanna buy that!!! are you secretly working for chuck norris, promoting him so that he makes more money and you get some of the profits? cause if you are, i’m gonna roundhouse kick you!

  4. No, I’m not sure where to find one of those. Ebay, maybe? Chuck raised enough money through his “Chuck 4 Huck BBQ” at his ranch this weekend.

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