I Am The Hambezzler

I found this Savage Chickens, and I can’t think of what I was going to put on today, sooooo:




8 Responses to I Am The Hambezzler

  1. dodoscholar says:

    i’ve been HAMBEZZLED!

  2. panascakes says:

    You are a funnyman. I am going to hamburg you. potash.


  3. monty says:

    hehe – that was funny!

  4. Not before I hamBEZZLE you, PCakes.

    Yes, Mrs.T, you have. (Mrs. T is dodoscholar)

  5. I’m glad to hear that monty.

  6. SpartanW0lf3 says:

    i dont think i get the joke…

  7. You know the old McDonald’s Hamburglar? This is a twist on it.

  8. SpartanW0lf3 says:

    well yea, i got that…but it doesnt seem that funny to me

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