Oh Snap

That’s all you need to know for this picture.


Please don’t ask.


5 Responses to Oh Snap

  1. jonsquared says:

    poor bear. hope he was alright after all.

  2. He was. He’s a special breed of bear called the Bolivian Base-Jumping Bear. The name says it all.

  3. panascakes says:

    That’s a bear? Oh, I thought it was a black burlap bag filled with fuddleberries.

  4. SpartanW0lf3 says:

    how did the bear get down there… and y would that person just randomly take a pic of it?

  5. Pcakes, what the hello kitty is a “fuddleberry?”

    Spartan, I asked you to not ask that under the picture. I can’t help you there.

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