It’s Been A While…

Since I put Mr. T on here, so:




6 Responses to It’s Been A While…

  1. Mr. T is too manly to be described as cute! I hope that by “cute,” you mean “FRICKIN’ AWESOME!”

  2. Deb says:

    Mr. T is splastastic and the only man I’ll swim with in Florida’s sharky seas from now on. How does he do with alligators? nevermind, he’s Mr. T!!!

  3. Mr. T throws live grenades into the mouths of alligators!

  4. mozey says:

    COuple of questions!, YOU GET 184,820 VISITS DAILY?, thats NUTTS!.

    If your all about animated gifs Mr. T and Chuck Norris, check out, , this is NOT a spam message!, lets you:
    – create LOLs, (more than one in the sme times, “frames”)
    – Animate them as a .gif!

    ANd i allready have few chuck norris and MR. T images in there!. I’ll make you an example when i go home!.

    Peace out,

  5. No. That’s how much I’ve gotten since September 22 of last year. I get slightly more than 1,000 visits a day. I’ll leave you to do that clipmann stuff.

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