Never Do Anything Gypsies Say

For proof that you shouldn’t do this, visit my site for the Explanation picture.

This could be really useful to some people


11 Responses to Never Do Anything Gypsies Say

  1. Were did you find that translator?

  2. Kitty says:

    My daughter just told me not to ever go to 4chan.

    Now I gotta go see.

  3. Kitty says:

    Scratch that, she told me why. I’m definately not going there. LOL.

  4. assassaindolphin says:

    I can’t find the URL now but I’ll try to get it later

  5. assassaindolphin says:

    Why did you change the title of my post?

  6. I don’t want 4chan mentioned. I’ve also removed your posting rites. Sorry.

  7. assassaindolphin says:


  8. Kitty says:

    Oops. Hope I didn’t start any trouble.
    Oh, give assassain another chance, Penguin.

  9. No you didn’t. The stuff that he puts on could offend some people…or make them go to 4chan… 😦

  10. assassaindolphin says:

    I strongly advise against going to 4chan. It’s a terrible place and that’s how it got it’s nickname. “***********” (I’m not going to say it’s nickname). As for the pictures on my blog, I don’t really find knowing anonymous’ social security number offensive.

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