Update Post (Feat. Chuck Norris)

Turns out I had a less strict schedule than I thought. This is the update post. Yep. If you notice, I put Mr. T stained glass in the sidebar.


Because I could!

I haven’t showed Chuck Norris in a while, so…



Poor Chuck. I’m counting Fritag as a triple post day. Lucky you. :mrgreen:

P.S.-I’ve put a super-secret comment page in here. Find it.


6 Responses to Update Post (Feat. Chuck Norris)

  1. Chuck says:

    Chuck Norris eats nothing, excretes food, and never needs help. If Chuck actually needed help, he wouldn’t ask you for it, he’d extract it from your larynx with a roundhouse kick to your throat before you knew what had happened. Chuck blesses God, and not the other way around. Chuck allows you to maintain this website, too, as if you didn’t know. Chuck always speaks in the third self-referential person. Chuck wanted you to know. Chuck.

  2. I think Chuck just wants to roundhouse-kick a few people and make something off of it.

  3. Kitty says:

    Super-secret comment page? I can’t find it. LOL.

    Did you win the Blog Cup?

  4. Today (21st) is the last day of the semi-finals. You have to click around to find the comment page.

  5. Uzi says:

    who is better chuck norris mr t or bill nye?

  6. ElysiaDawn says:

    Chuck Norris doesn’t get wet, the water gets chuck norris.

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