Oh Geez! What the Heck is That Thing???

They are Bunchies.

The site on my link list titled “Bunchies!” says:

“Chances are, you’ve seen this hideous creature prancing around on the internet, spreading fear and love, far and wide. If you’ve ever wondered to yourself about the origin of Bunchies, this should clear up all the mystery.

Bunchies is the incarnation of pure citrus joy; a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a glossy green skin.

It was spawned by Aaron St.Goddard with no reason or purpose.

Soon after, the original animated Bunchies .gif was created by the one and only Roel van Mastbergen; a friend of Aaron’s. This would spell the rise of Bunchies’ popularity around the internet and ignite a wave of love and popularity throughout the world.”

So if you see a Bunchie, you have 2 choices: tame it or run!

The new Bunchies website is coming soon!





4 Responses to Oh Geez! What the Heck is That Thing???

  1. Bunk Strutts says:

    FinPen– I think those are Naugas. Their tough hides make great car seat covers. More information about Naugas may be found here: http://www.naugahyde.com/history.html.

  2. These are too mysterious to be Naugas.

  3. Kalli says:

    IM IN LOVE WITH BUNCHIE!!! HE’S HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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