The Ten Commandments of T-Ism

If you so choose to follow the imaginary religion-here’s the Commandments. I know it’s a little late on Tuesday, but I’m counting this as Tuesday’s post.

  1. He is Mr. T, the man, you shall have no other T’s besides him.
  2. Thou shalt not speak Mr. T’s old name.
  3. Thou shalt not renounce the title of “fool.”
  4. Treat your mother right! (See “Chapel of Mr. T” Page)
  5. Thou shalt cut the jibba jabba, fool.
  6. Thou shalt not covet Mr. T’s gold chains.
  7. Thou shalt grovel at the feet of Mr. T until pitied.
  8. Thou shalt not try to kill Mr. T. You know what happened to Saddam.
  9. Thou shalt not covet Mr. T’s other gold chains.
  10. Thou shalt not pity any fools. That’s Mr. T’s job.

Ok. There’s been a lot of Mr. T lately. I’ll stop for a while.



10 Responses to The Ten Commandments of T-Ism

  1. snappydresser says:

    is dubya intentionally misusing your instead of you’re? or is it a typo?
    …subtle, ha!

  2. That’s how I found it. But you never know. :mrgreen:

  3. yeah, Mr.T rules!!!!! btw, T-ism is my secondary religion now. since i’m already u know, religious. ALL HAIL MR.T

    P.S. pls take my confession,…I COVET MR.T’S CHAINS OoOooOoOooO

  4. i would like 2 challenge u 2 a panda hunt! whoever kills the most pandas without getting arrested/making little kids cry at the Washington DC Zoo gets to eat Hilary Clinton :)yummmmmm

  5. PS Hilary Will be slow-roasted and marinated in lemon and capers sauce

  6. Pete says:

    I’ve got 3 pandas already and 6 children crying, I’m only in it to see hillary get cooked alive!

    Confession : I pity the fool they call hillary.

  7. Awesome! I’m on 15 pandas and 472 children. No need for that last part to be a confession.

  8. […] its large brain tends to make it a know-it-all, which, in fact, it does. This monster has broken the 10 Commandments of T-Ism several […]

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