Caturday Lolcat



23 Responses to Caturday Lolcat

  1. Ooookayy…I’m not sure why you’re commenting on a post from October, but yes, it is funny 🙂

  2. skyler says:

    watch out end cat is coming

  3. pp says:

    this smells like mi rotten cheezburger

  4. cb108348 says:

    u guys r werid

  5. Thanks. Your comment has been appreciated and noted. We are tracking your IP address and are sending a care package to your household.

  6. chad says:

    wow u guys are really freakin weird

    and plus the words arent funny at all

  7. Yes. I agree. This is one of my weaker lolcats. I think I was being chased by a rabid badger when I posted this.

  8. sas0089 says:

    i like it when the cats goes on top

  9. shannaah. x says:

    eww that soundz dodgey =//. and the pic aint funny at all, its not really a lolcat, its a gaycat.


  10. peace out says:

    that is funny but i have seen better

  11. Dark_Angel says:

    i think it would look funnier if the there was a person with a scared look on his face with the cat attacking him… i think that would be funny.

  12. well i think its funneh! xD i mean seriously… the cat is in mid air and look at his little chubblez face its cute and funny! 😀

  13. dustin says:

    ummmm i think its kinda funny but ive seen better and it should say ” i am EVIL!!!!” lol

  14. Michael says:

    lolololololol looks just like mr.frodo!!

  15. ashlee says:

    Funny as Heck Man!

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