The New World Religion (Relax, It’s Fake)

Its Not as popular as the other ones…



Basically, its a religion where everyone worships Mr. T and Mr. T outlaws drugs and alcohol, as shown by the symbol of T-ism. The Book is the Tible, consisting of the Old T-Stament, which tells of how the fools were in pain before Mr. T saved them…then the New T-Stament is how Mr. T saved them…then ate most of them. There is 1 Sacrament which you receive at birth…pity. I’m not trying to be blasphemous, I’m trying to be funny, so don’t criticize. And if you’re wondering…this was the plan to answer the why the stained glass is on here.


22 Responses to The New World Religion (Relax, It’s Fake)

  1. Mercedes says:

    i want to join T-ism!!! lol.

  2. Well good for you. Too bad it’s non-existant.

  3. a questionable bear says:

    what would be the Antichrist of t-ism?

  4. Not believing that Mr. T exists, of course.

  5. a questionable bear says:

    that, or finding an action figure of Mr. T and burning it….and laughing of course 🙂

  6. Anti-Christ? I thought you said Atheism.

  7. a questionable bear says:

    well too bad for you. go eat an apple. or a lovely salted ham steak. or perhaps a delicious juice box?

  8. Keane Simms says:

    I love your site! Mr. T is the funniest man alive!

  9. jesse morton says:


  10. jesse morton says:

    i really want to join t-ism

  11. Then go ahead. Just leave a comment on the chapel of Mr. T.

  12. jesse morton says:

    why are u so mean to people who join t-ism

  13. Oh…The first person that asked? I know her. She knows I kid. It is incredibly existent. I’m telling you that all you need to do to join is leave a comment on the Chapel of Mr. T professing your beliefs.

  14. Cuz that’s how you join. Need I say more?

  15. If you’re not going to join, stop asking about it. I told you how to do it, and you didn’t.

  16. jesse morton says:

    you are so stupid you sold your car for gas money

  17. These days more and more people are doing that. 😆

  18. afonso says:

    mr t não existe quem existe sou eu e a minha pixa.
    agra que voçês se vão foder.

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