Muscle Capacities of Famous People

I’ve compiled rankings for famous people. You know how muscular dudes say “Do you want to come to the gun show?” and flex their muscles? Yeah. Here’s the list.

That gun you can make with two fingers: Nicole Richie

Water Gun: Michael Jackson

Air soft Gun: the Pope

Paintball Gun: The Pillsbury Doughboy

Regular Gun: Oprah

Tank: Chuck Norris

Unlimited Muscle Capacity: Mr. T

Well, I hope you enjoyed that. I know I, Criss Angle the Mathfreak did!


4 Responses to Muscle Capacities of Famous People

  1. beezle bub says:

    hi *bleep*, its *bleep*…im @ da school library posting this comment!!!! hee hee.anywayz, the vampire-bat chhuahua doesnt appreciate your crack at him. he is sending the japanese mafia to kill you. emos vs bumblebees

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  3. Bunk Strutts says:

    “Ah pity da foo doan hab disonnis website.”

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